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14:51 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

The ABC of correct grammar and spelling All the people (but the whole world) Because Capital letters at the beginning of every sentence. Also for writing the word "I" and for names. Did you go…. Do you feel (but Were you happy?) Enough Feel = מרגיש but fill= למלא Gh words: thought, fought, caught, taught, through, though, although How = איך but who = מי It means, it refers, it causes, it makes, it does (NOT "it's mean"!!) Jack plays football (not is playing) if it's not happening now. Kate is afraid of animals (not afraid from) Leave=לעזוב but live=לחיות או לגור Maybe, much Never say "If he will go…" rather, "If he goes…." On Monday, at five o'clock, in February On the one hand ………………on the other hand People Quite=די but quiet=שקט Really Sincerely yours (at the end of the formal letter) Succeed, success "S" for third person singular: He/she needs, he/she feels, he/she goes, he/she has, he/she doesn't Their - there - they're - then - than Take care of someone Don’t write U if you mean "You" "I enjoyed it very much" (not I very enjoyed it) Who who's whose Exciting You (and not U) The Zulus live in Zululand (not lives) © Ora Baumgarten