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14:55 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

The Topic Sentence Here are some ideas for an opening sentence. Examples are written in the brackets. (p) A question ("Have you ever thought what life would be like if there were no motorcars?") An inversion ("Never have I seen such an amazing sight in the sky!") An amusing or interesting anecdote ("Two old woman are sitting on a bus. One says to the other, " ...... etc. etc.) A description of a scene. ("It was a starry night. Clouds were starting to gather...... etc. etc.") A quotation Click here for a quotations site A surprising statistic ("It was recently found that 20% of Israel's schoolchildren ...... etc. etc.") A paradoxical statement ("The more you sleep, the more tired you feel.") A definition ("Piercing is defined as the punching of holes in the body......") A general statement ("Computer use has created a revolution in the world of information.") Click here for CONNECTORS Click here for PARAGRAPH WRITING Click here for WRITING SCALES