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15:12 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

e SimpleProgressivePerfect SimplePerfect ProgressivePresent · swim(s)· Do you swim? Does he swim?· am/is/are swimming· Are we swimming? Is he swimming?· has/have swum· Have you swum? Has he swum?· has/have been swimming· Have they been swimming? Has she been swimming? When to use:always, every day, usually, sometimes, often, nevernow, at the moment, at presentjust, already, yet, How long? always, never, ever וכאשר אין ציון זמן מוגדר בעברHow long, for since, lately, recently Past · swam· Did they swim?· was/were swimming· Was he swimming? Were you swimming?· had swum· Had they swum?· had been swimming· Had we been swimming? When to use:...ago, last....., when, כל זמן מוגדר בעבר כמו שעה, יום וכו'whileby the time, when, before, until


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