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17:25 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

Inventions Michael J. Colitz, Jr. is a registered patent attorney - it's his job to make sure that an invention is a true invention. His Internet site Wacky Patent of the Month shows a collection of unusual inventions. Activity Choose a year and month from the bottom of the Internet site http://colitz.com/site/wacky/wackyold.htm to get to that month's wacky invention. A. Answer the following questions. Print out your answers if you have done this on a computer. 1. What year did you choose?__________________ 2. What month?__________________ 3. What is the name of the invention?__________________ 4. Who invented it?__________________ 5. When was it invented?__________________ 6. What is its patent number?__________________ 7. What is the purpose of the invention? 8. Draw a picture of the invention or copy a picture of it to your computer. 9. Do you think it is useful? ________ Why or why not? B. Present your wacky invention to the class. Explain the following in your presentation: Where it was invented Who invented this invention When it was invented Why it was invented How it works Why you think it is or is not useful What you would change to make it better