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17:53 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

Piercing - For and Against Should parents allow their children to do piercing on their bodies?Write 150 words expressing your opinion on this subject. Use the sources below to support your arguments.ImagesEarsNoseEyebrowLipsTongueface 1. What does the law say in Arkansas, USA?2. Reuters News: Brazilian women have most piercing in the world!3. Go Ask Alice Site - Columbia University4. Gotham מידע לפי חברה שמבצעת פירסינג5. How To Talk To Your Child About Piercing6. Teen Health7. More Teen Health8. Children's Virtual Hospital9. Dangers according to dentists10. Body Modification University of Pennsylvania11. All about tattoos and piercing12. Body Piercing - General13. Anthropology14. Young Womens Health15. Children, tattoos, piercing16. In Jewish LawUse this structure for your composition:§ Paragraph 1: Introduction- Piercing, good or bad?Ideas for opening sentence:1. A question2. An exclamation3. An amusing or interesting anecdote4. A description of a scene5. A quotation Look at this Quotations Page6. A surprising statistic or paradoxical statement7. A dictionary definitionUse these connectors - Click here§ Paragraph 2: Body- Support your opinion with reasons, facts, examples, explanations (according to what you read above)Use these connectors - Click here§ Paragraph 3:Closing- Say your opinion again.Use these connectors - Click here