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17:55 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

Protest music is a form of music in which the songwriter sends a social message criticizing the political situation or society through the song. These songs often deal with social or political injustice. Present your song in writing and orally. A. The written presentation must contain the following: (due February 10) Cover page. Title of project, name of song/singer/band, your name, class, date. Table of contents. Introduction. (Introduce your protest song. Why did you choose it for your project?) Sections of the Project: Each answer to these questions should be at least one paragraph: What is the social or political background to this song? What is the theme (idea, subject) of the song? In what way are the words and/or music of the song powerful? A brief explanation about the singer/band. Creative writing: Write a monologue/dialogue/play/short story/diary entry/poem/ a personal experience inspired by/related to the songs you have chosen Bibliography. (Don't forget to cite all the sources and internet sites you used in your project) Reflection. Write a paragraph in which you express what you learned/gained through doing this project. Each person of the group must write his/her OWN PAGE! Appendices (including the lyrics of your song). If your song isn't in English, translate it and add the words. Illustrations. Don't forget to check your spelling and language. Use capital letters and proper punctuation. a cassette or CD of the song for me to hear at home! ? B. The oral presentation will be done in class