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18:00 (11/06/11) אורה בומגרטן

his lesson teaches you how to summarize a paragraph and gives you an exercise to check your summarizing skills. HOW TO WRITE A SUMMARY: 1. The first sentence of the first paragraph of your summary should state the author's name, the title of the article and the author's purpose in writing. 2. Use the present tense when writing about someone else's work. 3. Write one sentence only for every idea that the author has written. First find the: * main point - What is the most important thing that the author wants the reader to know about the topic? * ....then the supporting point(s) - What two or three important facts does the author use to convince the reader about the main idea? If the author gives contrasting ideas (advantages and disadvantages of something, or comparing points of view), make sure you write down important facts for both points of view. * ..... and then finally the conclusion 4. Use connectors (eg. because, although, in addition, moreover) to help join the ideas together. 5. Check your spelling and grammar. 6. Now practise your summarizing skills: Go to the Famous People Site (http://history1900s.about.com/library/misc/blpeople.htm) and choose one famous figure to read about. Make a short summary about this person. 7. Write your summary on a page and hand it in to your teacher.