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18:35 (10/09/11) אורה בומגרטן

DREAMS – A Project for High School English Everyone dreams. Some dream at night, some during the day, and some dream all the time! Dreams can change the world or they can disappear. Dreams have been the subject of songs, paintings, plays, movies, jokes and stories. Here are some ideas for a project about dreams: Tell about a dream you or someone else had. Psychology or meaning of dreams. A book, movie, songs about dreamsMy dream/ambition in life. Dreams in different cultures. Daydreaming. My dream for a better world. A fantasy story. A dream holiday Dreams in the bible. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare. Dream School. Leaders' Dreams (eg. Martin Luther King , Rabin) Dreams of Olympic Sportsmen. A dream come true. Dreamers who have succeeded (eg. Walt Disney, Christopher Columbus, 1. Definition of Dream: Search for a Definition of "dreams" at Factmonster.com. 2. Quotation: Search for a quotation that you like about "dreams" and copy it onto your page. http://www.quotationreference.com/ Write a paragraph explaining what you like about this quotation. 3. Composition: Write a description of the dream that you have chosen. i. Introduce the topic. Who does the dream belong to? What is the dream about? ii. Write an explanation and example of the topic iii. Write a conclusion. Can/did this dream come true? 4. Research: Find more information connected to your dream topic. Make a one-page summary about this information IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 5. Group report: In groups of four, tell each other about each others' dream in English and take notes. For each of the other three pupils, write the topic of their dream, three points that you learned about their dream and why they chose that topic for their project. 6. Reflection: Write one thing you liked about doing the project and one thing you didn't like. Now put it all together: i. Make a cover page with your name, class and the title of your project. ii. Write a table of contents iii. Include ALL THE 6 SECTIONS of your project. iv. Write a bibliography. (Where did you find the information?) v. Find at least one picture for your project. vi. Don't forget to check your spelling and grammar. Divide your writing into paragraphs. vii. Remember: USE YOUR OWN WORDS – DO NOT COPY FROM THE INTERNET!