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06:04 (11/09/11) אורה בומגרטן

Time Machine Project on Kidlink Welcome, Time Traveler! It is your birthday today, and your gift is a ride in the TIME MACHINE! You have reached another place or time. Before you start, I must warn you! Once you go back in time, you can only stay for one day. If you stay too long, you won’t be able to come back. Another thing... You must bring back a report about what you see. Jump aboard and off you go! Hello Time Traveler! This isn't what you expected to do on your birthday, is it? Nobody's going to believe you if you don't write down everything you do and see. Keep a journal in Word and show it to your teacher when you get back from your TRIP IN A TIME MACHINE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. You've just landed! It's your birthday, remember? Use these sites to help you find out something interesting that happened on your birth date in some other place and in some other year. CHOOSE ONE EVENT ONLY FOR YOUR REPORT Born Today Famous Birthdays History Channel When BBC - On This Day Dates in History Features in History Trivia Time Capsule Today On This Day New York Times - On this day The Free Dictionary Write all the answers in full sentences in your report. Where exactly have you landed? What's the name of the place? Does it have any meaning? Explain. What year is it? What event is happening today? Why is it important? Why do you think people in the present still know and read about this event? Draw or find a map of the place you visited. B. Birthday party!! People are singing "Happy Birthday To You"! What language are they singing in? Write the first two lines of "Happy Birthday" in the language they are using. What food is there at the birthday party? What are the names of three of the people there? C. A tour around the place Your new friends have very kindly offered to take you on a tour around this place. What do you see around you? Describe at least one building. Include a picture if possible. Describe at least one person. Include a picture if possible. D. A talk with some of your new friends You are sitting with your new friends in a quiet place and you're asking them questions about their life. Write the questions and the answers. For example: How do you get around? What do you believe in? What kind of celebrations do you have? What kind of education do you have? Think of another 4 questions to ask them about their culture and life. E. Get back to the present Hurry back into the Time Machine or else you won't be able to get back at all! Write a paragraph about the Time Travel trip you have just taken. What did you enjoy about it and what didn't you enjoy? F. Finishing your report Gather all your information and present it in a plastic folder with A cover page (Name, date, class, Title ("A Travel in Time to ................") Indicate clearly the five sections of the report. Check your spelling and language. Include a few drawings or illustrations. Include a bibliography at the end of the report. What internet sites or books did you use? G. Present your report orally to the rest of the class