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06:47 (11/09/11) אורה בומגרטן

This project was inspired by the mural artwork in Jerusalem created by artists from Lyons, France. See Wall Paintings in Jerusalem. If walls could talk, they would tell us stories about people, families, relationships, communities, wars, cultures and buildings. In this project, you're going to choose a wall that tells a story. The wall can be physical or metaphorical, and the story can be historical, geographical, personal, cultural. write a report about your talking wall. create art work about your report. talk about your wall to your group. 1. First think in groups about examples for each of these categories: archeology, architecture, art, biblical walls, connecting walls, dividing walls, emotional walls, famous walls, graffitti, memorial walls, natural walls, murals, political walls, religious walls, social walls, walls in literature. Make a list of questions about the wall you have chosen. Answer these questions in full sentences. Pay attention to your grammar and spelling. Your report must include the following: Table of contents. Introduction. Sections of the Project (Include here all the stages of the project that you did) Conclusion. Bibliography. (Don't forget to cite all the internet sites you used in your project Reflection. Write a page in which you express what you learned/gained through doing this project. Appendices. Illustrations. Draw a picture that expresses the "Wall" that you chose to research.